Let's read paper books 1 ~ Children and books ~

Last time, it was a story of "make your own notebook and organize your thoughts".

This time it's about reading.

The experience of reading is very important for small children to middle and high school students.

It is also important to actually go somewhere and experience it, and the best thing is to have a good balance between experience and reading.

E-books have spread rapidly since the introduction of the iPhone and iPad.

Paper and e-book market trends (

In particular, the print magazine market has fallen rapidly over the past few years, and compared to 2014, it will be around 2021% in 65.

One of the main reasons for this is that people are no longer reading books due to the rapid expansion of the Internet environment.

The market for paper books also continued to decline, but is picking up a little.

I also read e-books, but strangely

than reading on paper
It doesn't come to my mind...

I've had feelings for a long time.

This is also a big reason for "familiarity with e-books",

If you are accustomed to e-books from a young age,
I wonder if e-books will come to mind?

I felt.

An environment in which laptop computers are distributed in elementary schools and can literally be used as a notebook for studying.

There seems to be a big generation gap between us and the people who touched a laptop computer "after college student".

My children are also reading books and studying on tablets,

After all, I want you to read a paper book.

I think.

When I read a book, I draw lines and fold pages where I am concerned.

The main reason for this is that it is easy to find out later.

At the same time, I somehow feel that when I draw a line or fold a page, it "enters my mind."

The "real experience of touching the page" is also the "enjoyment of reading".

And looking at old books,

Back then, I was curious about this place.

There are times when I feel that "oldness" is comfortable when reading secondhand books.

Due to the expansion of the internet world,"Opportunity to touch real paper books"I want you to increase more and more.

And when you study, by "trying to write in your own way" in notebooks and reference books,"My Own Book"It will be.

Encourage your child to actively read paper books, not just tablets.

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