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Last time, it was the story of "Yamaguchi Tamon 17-U.S. Forces' Counterattack-".

Commander Tamon Yamaguchi (Wikipedia)
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Tokyo Air Raid

Chester Nimitz Commander-in-Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet (Wikipedia)

Bomb Tokyo somehow!

Approaching the sea with an aircraft carrier,
I have a plan to add bombing with aircraft!

However, it is very risky!


Do it!


Daring strategy

But if the aircraft carrier gets too close,
There is a possibility that an aircraft carrier will be destroyed by Japan!

Protect the aircraft carrier!

When approaching Japan,
The aircraft carrier will turn back immediately!


US aircraft carrier Hornet

and a strike force aboard the U.S. aircraft carrier Hornet.

Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle (Wikipedia)

Commanding the attack party was Lieutenant Colonel Doolittle.

In both Japan and the United States, there are many "captain class" commanders of front-line air units.

Among them, the United States has introduced a veteran lieutenant colonel.

I can understand the seriousness of the United States.

When approaching Japan,
The aircraft carrier will return.

Crossing Japan as it is,
Head to China!

Leave it to me!

Air raids on Tokyo

Attack squadron launching USS Hornet (Wikipedia)

On April 1942, 4, 18 bombers led by Lieutenant Colonel Doolittle made the first air raid on mainland Japan.

Bombs and incendiary bombs were dropped even on the imperial capital, Tokyo (at that time), which the Imperial Japanese Navy had never imagined.

This damage was minor.

However, the psychological damage inflicted on the Japanese people and the Japanese army was extremely large.

Isoroku Yamamoto Commander-in-Chief of the United Fleet (Commander-in-Chief of the United Fleet, Separate Volume History Reader, Shinjinbutsusha)

My Imperial Capital was bombed...

That's stupid!

Anyway, the US aircraft carrier,
You can't just leave it alone!

Seiichi Ito Deputy Chief of the General Staff (Wikipedia)

The leaders of the Army and Navy were astounded by the "Imperial Air Raid".

attack midway
Hit the US aircraft carrier!

That's the only way!

Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Ito, has no choice but to agree with ``Japan's eastern defense''.

You are right...

Pushed by Chief Yamamoto, the plan to attack Midway Island was "reluctantly admitted".

Midway Island (Wikipedia)

midway attack

The General Staff suddenly comes to approve the plan positively.


Put together a US aircraft carrier
Let's sink it and show it!

In contrast to the enthusiastic Chief Yamamoto, Commander Yamaguchi was cold.

Fatigue is building up in the series of battles.

I need a little rest and the timing

Moreover, Midway Island
too far away.

I wonder if it's okay...

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