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Last time, I talked about "Arithmetic Practice 61-Problem 10 (5) Let's Draw a Graph-".

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Problem 10 (5) Repost

Let's think roughly

It depends on how you ask the questions, but let's consider the case where the area of ​​76,84 found in the "detour" is not a small question, but "I don't know."

In this case, the area is known only when the moving point F is at the points A and B and the midpoint M.

From the symmetry, we can see as follows.

Now, let's connect each point with a straight line.

If this doesn't happen
I think!

Something is strange.

I agree.

In this case as well, think that "it should change smoothly".

It is also important to "generally understand"

Consider that the length of the side FC of an equilateral triangle "gradually decreases as the point F moves from A to M".

Then, even if you do not know the number of the dot in the middle,"Rough shape"You know.

この"Roughly" is very important in math and science.

Let's learn while worrying about "getting a rough feel".

Is it okay to say "about"?

It is important to know "about".

Whether it's math or scienceIf you "generally understand" instead of "do not understand at all", be confident in "understanding".

Then, let's learn "the part you don't understand" and "the part you don't understand" little by little.

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