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The last time was "Believe in your academic ability-believe in your existing ability and further improve your academic ability".

In the last period, when you were working on a fill-in-the-blank question such as a past question and an item you did not know came out.

At that time, I thought, "It's a chance!" And talked about strengthening memorization while studying problem sentences well.

If you have a problem that you can't do, not just memorization, think of it as a chance!

Learn the solution and way of thinking, and memorize any memorized items.

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What is a genius?
With 1% inspiration
99% sweat

Thomas Edison (Wikipedia)

Edison also left the following words.

Many people miss an opportunity.

Because the chance is in overalls,
Because it looks very difficult.

If you think "a little difficult" later, you may regret saying, "If you seize that opportunity at that time."

This is often the case in the adult world.

The test is "I wish I could do it on the day".

"It is most desirable to be able to do well on the day."It is that.

If you can't,"The chance I met to be able to do it on the day!"Let's learn positively.

Perhaps you will have a problem similar to that on the day.

Problems that cannot be done"Chance to improve academic ability"If you think about it, the path to passing will become clearer.

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